Sunday, July 30, 2006

Watch the glee

Being away from you is like living on Mars.
I keep hoping I'll awake from this nightmare
to catch you smiling, feel the warmth of your breath
and watch the glee in your eyes as our hearts beat in
harmony again and hopefully for ever.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Please be mine forever

To my Hunny Bunny,
you taste so sweet and you look so great,
please be mine forever,
I love you xxxxxxx

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Angel babies

MY angel babies! Thank you for letting me love you!
You three make me the luckiest person in the world! I love MY boys!!!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Friends for a while.
Lots of laughs.
Memories forever.

I’ll never forget.

I love you so much.


Thank you.

My best friend forever.

No matter what

I love you no matter what!
Thank you for loving me!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I feel you

You know I feel you and I am not saying you complete me but you do....
Thank You I love You

i miss you, i miss us

forever and always

i miss you, i miss us

Daisy May

My big fat wonderful dog named Daisy May.
I love you thank you!

things unsaid

you were my everything

you were "the one" at age seventeen
without you, i don't have a future

i'm leaving things unsaid

right here, right now.

Thank You God for Loving Me, right here, right now, every second of every day, no matter what... I know I am never alone.
Thank You for your Amazing Grace! I Love You God (My only Dad)...
I Love You Jesus (My only Brother)

he's a brother

This is a drawing that a brother made.
He’s an incredible graphic designer,
But most importantly, he’s a brother, he’s living this short life.
I do not need to add any more do I?