Sunday, March 30, 2008

Best friends become strangers x

Best friends become strangers x

Thursday, March 06, 2008

millions of tons

Dearest aunt,
we think of you
we send you millions of tons of love and joy
you're great and we're so glad that you are the way you are!
You're special :)
Love you
Steffi and Rahel

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dear Mr Spencer

Mr. Spencer,
There's quite a lot I'd like to say to you,
But I'm incapable
without a lime and tonic on my tongue
and a cellphone perched on my chin.
That ensures the safety of your distance.
You might melt me;
I am hell warmed over and you are a frosty day in Miami.
I love you; always have and unfortunately, always will.
Your eyes flood me, drought me, overwhelm me, dry me;
I'm quite secure that no woman could know you
The way that I wish that I didn't.
Fuck me. Fuck me!
Why can't I take to you clearly and honestly without 3 low balls, 2 cigarettes and an “I hate you” in between??
I hate your excruciating honesty. I love its even keel.
I love your simple ways. I hate your simplicity.
I hate that when I love to make love to you, I can't say it, for fear you won't say it back.
Your a motherfucker, Mr. Spencer, but I keep coming back to you.